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Principle of the process

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Year Established. The arc length can be easily determined by the sound and visible light from the arc.

STICK WELDING 101: Getting Started with SMAW

The arc should be kept short and hide the majority of the light from the weld without pushing the rod into the slag pool. A good short arc length will result in a consistent sharp crackling sound. The appearance of the completed weld will provide further clues.

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As the welding rod gets shorter during the weld process, takes a mindful effort to reduce the length of the arc. Excessive arc length will lead to an unstable arc with excess heat and undercutting.

This is one of the most common mistakes by beginners. The angle of the rod should be maintained over the length of the weld. Practice is necessary to avoid decreasing the lead angle as the weld progresses, as this can lead to slag inclusions and even cause the arc to stall.

Q & A with retired welding guru, instructor, and columnist Marty Rice

In this process an electric arc is struck between the metallic electrode and the workpiece. Other arc welding processes include atomic hydrogen welding , carbon arc welding, electroslag welding , electrogas welding , and stud arc welding. What is Arc Welding? For more information, please email: contactus twi. Assemble and set up welding equipment. As the welding rod gets shorter during the weld process, takes a mindful effort to reduce the length of the arc.

The easy approach to maintain rod angle is to focus on moving the rod holder rather than the rod as the weld progresses. After welding, you may want to remove the slag and clean up your weld. Learning Design, Development and Delivery Designing new courses, or customising existing training in collaboration with you.

A new solution for arc welding

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Simple and gas-free

Arc welding is a welding process that is used to join metal to metal by using electricity to create enough heat to melt metal, and the melted metals when cool. In this article you learn about what is arc welding and how it works with a very comprehensive video tutorial.

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