Biofuels Basics
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The principle of each country being assigned production quotas dates back to this same period and it still in use for some of the member States. In , European texts appeared that reinforced the conditions of development of the biofuels sector. The report is based upon a threefold objective: further promotion of biofuels in the EU and in developing countries, preparation for the large-scale use of biofuels, and heightened cooperation with developing countries in the sustainable production of biofuels.

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In Fuel Quality and Renewable Energy Directives enter into force, establishing goals and governance system, setting up sustainability criteria, promoting private schemes and defining the rules that might apply the national support for renewables. Moreover, the EC also proposed a revision of the Energy Taxation Directive in order to define new rules aim to restructure the way energy products are taxed to remove current imbalances and take into account both their CO2 emissions and energy content.

The lack of consensus within the Council has stopped this revision. Biofuel Controvers There is great political and media attention now focused on biofuels and the issues related to food security, food prices, effects on biodiversity and perceived CO2 emission advantages over fossil fuels. European regulatory framework A precise regulatory framework for biofuel development in Europe exists since the beginning of the s.

Biofuels Basics

Most promising biofuels for transport Biodiesel is a methyl-ester produced from vegetable or animal oil, of diesel quality to be used as biofuel. Note the difference with pure vegetable or animal oil, which can be used in adapted diesel engines as well. Application: compression-ignition engines. Pure vegetable oil is oil produced from oil plants through pressing, extraction or comparable procedures, crude or refined but chemically unmodified, when compatible with the type of engines involved and the corresponding emission requirements.

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Applications: direct use in adapted CI-engines. Bio-ethanol can be produced from any biological feedstock that contains appreciable amounts of sugar or other matter that can be converted into sugar, such as starch or cellulose.

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A biofuel is a fuel that is produced through contemporary processes from biomass, rather than a Biofuels can be produced from plants (i.e. energy crops) , or from agricultural, commercial, domestic, and/or industrial wastes (if the waste has a. Biofuels have been around longer than cars have, but cheap gasoline and diesel have long kept them on the fringe. Spikes in oil prices, and.

Also ligno-cellulosic materials wood and straw are often hinted at, but their processing into bio-ethanol is more expensive. Application: Spark ignition SI engines. Application: SI-engines blends with petrol.

Carbon monoxide rich gas made via thermal gasification. To address this, biofuels certification schemes have been introduced in the EU, to ensure that biofuels are derived from sustainable feedstocks.

Biofuel: Food or fuel?

However, these are at different stages of implementation in various Member States. Taking into account the 'energy balances' and the challenges faced with sustainable feedstock production, biofuels already help reduce production of millions of tonnes of GHG by transport in Europe each year.

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Biodiesel production is essentially concentrated in the European Union. The U. What are the benefits of advanced bioenergy? Greg LaTouf , Colin R. In the United States the Energy Independence and Security Act of mandated the use of billion litres 36 billion gallons of biofuels annually by , more than a sixfold increase over production levels. Edited by Murat Eyvaz.

Improvements in sustainability, production efficiency and use of advanced biofuels will continue to improve GHG reduction levels. And with a supportive regulatory framework, the benefits can be achieved even faster!

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The production of biomass feedstocks and their conversion to heat and power, transport fuels and bioproducts, creates new opportunities for:. See Renewable ethanol: driving jobs, growth and innovation throughout Europe: State of the Industry Report published by ePure in June Developing countries can also potentially benefit from sustainable development of bioenergy feedstocks and biofuels.

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Bioindustrial activity - production of food, feed, forestry products and other bioproducts - creates millions of tonnes of waste solid, liquid and gaseous that previously had to be disposed of and were potential pollutants. The move towards biorefineries, which use all parts of a feedstock in cascading processes, has helped to replace products and energy derived from fossil fuels, and create valuable 'low-carbon' fuels for heat and power and transport.

Various studies have shown that diesel produced from biomass produces less pollutants in exh aust gases than fossil diesel.

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See the TNO report Impact of biofuels on air pollutant emissions from road vehicles. The use of ethanol blends has helped enable the removal of lead and other carcinogens from gasoline, with significant benefits to public health.

What is ethanol?

Much pioneering activity in advanced biofuels development has been carried out by the military, to ensure future supplies of transport fuels that are not dependent on fossil imports. This is a condition that must be met to encourage investors to take the associated risk. Advanced biofuels are associated with a fold reduction in GGEs compared to the fossil reference. Skip to main content Skip to main menu Skip to search. Toggle navigation Menu.