How to Get Gods Attention

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Not only is it possible but also there is so much more: He wants us to call upon Him, pray to Him, seek Him, find Him, search for Him. One morning I got up early to pray and knew I needed to spend some time on my knees, literally.

getting gods attention | Devotions by Chris Hendrix

As I positioned myself on the floor, my dog soon discovered where I was and proceeded to demand my attention. He began nudging me, licking my face and pressing his body into a position where I could no longer deny his presence. He was insistent to the point that I continued in prayer while petting my dog.

I must admit he is irresistible in his persistence and extremely affectionate. In those moments, I sensed the Lord impress upon my heart that He was doing the same thing to me. I knew in that moment that the Lord wanted me to give Him the same kind of attention.

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He wanted me to know that His love is unconditional, irresistible and affectionate. And He just wants to be loved back.

He wants my prayers, but He also wants my never-ending desire to seek and search for Him, to never settle when I may not sense His presence. He is always with me, but sometimes I need to press into Him and not give up until I get His attention. Just like my dog knew how to get my attention, knowing that I would respond with love and affection, the Lord knows how to get our attention and our response should be the same.

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But we need to learn how to respond to Him. We need to call upon Him, seek Him and press into Him. We need to give Him our love and affection.

How To Get God’s Attention – A Sermon on Isaiah 66:1-10

He just wants our hearts but He also wants us to sense His nudging. Jesus gives his followers unlimited access to God by removing the barrier of sin between them and God. When God's people talk, he responds. Elijah did not need wild rituals, fancy words, or vivid mental images to get God's attention. He prayed a simple prayer to the one true God.

Elijah spoke from a heart dedicated to God, and God responded in surprising ways. Thank you, Lord, for listening to me.

Faith That Gets God’s Attention

Keep me from sins that might hinder my prayers. Thank you, Jesus, for providing free access for us to come near to God. In your name, Amen.

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What Happens When We Trust God?

All our prayers are important to God. But this morning, I want to introduce you to a way of praying that is guaranteed to get God's attention more. Today I went to the Newfrontiers church in Basildon where I preached on Isaiah You can download the audio or read my notes here: 1.