Nietzsche and Legal Theory: Half-Written Laws

Nietzsche and Legal Theory
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Nietzsche and Legal Theory is an anthology designed to provide legal and socio-legal scholars with a sense of the very wide range of projects and questions in whose pursuit Nietzsche's work can be useful. From medical ethics to criminology, from the systemic anti-Semitism of legal codes arising in Christian cultures, to the details of intellectual property debates about regulating the use of culturally significant objects, the contributors from the fields of law, philosophy, criminology, cultural studies, and literary studies demonstrate and enact the sort of creativity that Nietzsche associated with the "free-spirits" to whom he addressed some of his most significant work.

The Reckless Mind: Intellectuals in Politics. Mark Lilla. Is God Happy? Leszek Kolakowski. Eclipse of Reason.

Selected Letters of Friedrich Nietzsche

Max Horkheimer. Theory and History. Ludwig von Mises. Technology and Empire.

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Nietzsche on Morality

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Lee Trepanier. Nietzsche: The Key Concepts. Peter R. The Terms of Order. Cedric J. Violence and Civility.

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Europe and Capitalism. Diego Fusaro.

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Engelmann, the great Leipsic publisher, declined it, but Fritsch, of the same city, put it into type. But in the course of time the truth about him gradually precipitated itself from this cloud of unordered enthusiasm, and his principal ideas began to show themselves clearly. Are we not the nursery of German parliaments? At last, after a display of dignity, solemn threats, the utterance of curses on my tailor and his accomplice, and vows of vengeance, the little man vanished with my clothes. The power of moral prejudices has penetrated deeply into the most intellectual world, the world apparently most indifferent and unprejudiced, and has obviously operated in an injurious, obstructive, blinding, and distorting manner. Read an excerpt of this book!

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Half-Written Laws

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