Nobody in Charge: Essays on the Future of Leadership

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A few key classics:. Walk the walk. The days when CEOs could give themselves fat bonuses while cutting workers' pay are over--that maneuver cost American Airlines CEO and chairman Donald Carty his job in , and that's only one example. If you're not staying late to make the big project deadline, employees won't either, says Evan Wittenberg, director of the Wharton Graduate Leadership Program at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. The ethical standards you model will be picked up by employees, he notes.

Too few leaders are creating organizations designed to encourage innovation, says Lepsinger.

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If there isn't a system in place to share new ideas and move those ideas along to become salable products, innovation will be stifled. He says, "You need to get everyone trained to think out of the box and be creative. Execute, execute, execute.


An asset of having two different leaders in a club is that it can lead to this effective staggering method of leadership, which can considerably ease the burden of transferring leadership from one year to the next. Clubs can call members, send out group text messages, send and receive email or access social networking sites via the internet depending on the phone. Uw recensie. His driving ambition, love of detail, patience, determination, sense of responsibility and other conspicuous traits that made him the person that he was are related to the temperament with which he was born. Six, the inextricable relationship in a democracy between public and personal virtue; the absence of one will always cause a diminution in the other and vice versa. Leaders have mastered getting their ideas through instead of just being a tapper and hoping for the best.

One of the biggest leadership gaps these days is between vision and execution, says Lepsinger. Too many leaders spend their days dreaming about the big picture, while research shows more than half of workers despair of being able to execute on the boss' sweeping vision. Cristich learned this lesson rather painfully after taking two years off from her company to run for public office.

When she returned, she found that though she had articulated a well-thought-out, big-picture vision, her person staff had floundered on execution without her day-to-day input. Top Dog Peaked in: s-'60s.

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Description: The head honcho of the postwar era spent most of his time barking orders at his dronelike workers. The Top Dog's ideal employee was known as an Organization Man--most of them were men. Embodying conformism in his gray flannel suit, he worked without complaint to fulfill the boss's every desire. Top Dog often came up through the ranks and was a former Organization Man himself. Once on top, it was his turn to take all the credit for his loyal employees' ideas.

Because job-hopping was considered bad for the career back then, Top Dog could scream and rant, knowing most workers wouldn't dare leave. Not in the Top Dog's vocabulary.


Drawback: The command-and-control style didn't foster creativity or innovation. As a result, many companies led by Top Dogs floundered in fast-changing markets. The Unleader Peaked in: Description: More than anything, the Unleader wanted employees to be creative and feel comfortable at work. Yelling was out, and staffers were encouraged to voice their ideas and feelings. Then, nobody moved until consensus was achieved. There were endless delays while the Unleader pondered the options, resulting in many wasted opportunities. Goals were often murky, organizational charts either absent or confusing.

Unleader companies were easily recognized by their casual, fun-loving style. Suits were banished in favor of Hawaiian shirts and shorts. Dogs hung out under desks while their owners dozed in nap rooms.

George Washington, Genius in Leadership

The company provided free pizzas, and foosball tables adorned break rooms. Drawback: The Unleader wasn't so great at crafting successful business plans or watching the bottom line. Most companies headed by Unleaders quickly went bust. But when second-generation owner and longtime salesman Robert Liener, 46, steered the company into a rapid-growth phase, he had to rewrite his leadership script. When an aggressive sales manager began filling the leadership vacuum and workers started viewing him as the company's leader, Liener knew things needed to change. His fixes:. Go higher profile.

Liener realized that employees wanted more direction from him, so he stepped up his leadership role, overcoming his fears of offending some with his views.

Nobody in Charge: Essays on the Future of Leadership

Communication used to be sporadic; now he makes sure to contact every employee several times a month, encouraging their feedback. Define expectations. Identifying employee strengths also led to several reassignments. Says Liener, "Now everyone knows who to report to and has a detailed job description of [their] responsibilities and accountabilities.

Eliminate rivals. Liener realized his sales manager, though effective in some areas, had to go because of the challenge the employee posed to his own leadership efforts. Keep learning. Liener sees developing his leadership potential as an ongoing task. He says, "Not a day goes by when I'm not learning how to manage people, grow people [and] develop the organization.

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