Ordinary Thunderstorms

Ordinary Thunderstorms
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It was the month of August and I knew before hand that at least 2 people were going to be on holiday.


This may not be a lot to you but when your bookclub has a rolling total of 8 all of whom have never been in attendance at the same time it's a lot. What also added to my nerves was the fact that the notice I had put up in Sainsburys had been mysteriously taken down and having only just got back from holiday myself I didn't realise until the day before the bookclub. My regulars didn't let me down however thank you and there were four of us in total reviewing Ordinary Thunderstorms by William Boyd.

This is Boyds tenth outing based on a man who after being in the wrong place at the wrong time finds himself the wrong end of a man hunt for murder and has to disappear from society by living as a homeless man.

The book got off to a good start with the quote about how a simple ordinary thunderstorm can develop into a massive storm with huge consequences that take a long time to settle down serious paraphrasing, totally don't do it justice, please read it. It seemed obvious that this was where the title came from coupled with the fact that Adam Kindred the books main character was a climatologist.

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I liked it, I thought it was clever and it made me want to read the rest of the book. The general feeling from the group however was that all the elements were there for a cracking book, it had great potential and you could see the links Boyd was trying to put in place but it just lacked a certain something.

Perhaps this was because the book failed to really choose one route and stick to it. Ok - lets just assume that the beginning was merely a means to an end to give you a newly turned homeless person and go down that route then.

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It was the month of August and I knew before hand that at least 2 people were going to be on holiday. Related Partners. The corporate raider who wants to take over Calenture-Deutz is none other than a man named Alfredo Rilke. We rated it a 7. The fictional Fryzer's business is being taken over by a Brazilian corporate raider called Rilke - a nod to the lyric poet of the Duino Elegies. The Returns.

It failed on this count however as it lacked the grittiness and desolation that it needed. Adam was housebound again in no time at all and we were suddenly trying to resume the murder mystery tag again on very seemingly very little evidence someone should give Adam a job as a Detective , getting the results he did on the clues at hand. Even then however when we decided on the thriller genre it failed to give us the ending required with the true bad guy kind of getting away with everything.

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If readers surfacing from the hectic activity of Ordinary Thunderstorms's opening chapters suspect that William Boyd has set himself the. Start by marking “Ordinary Thunderstorms” as Want to Read: From William Boyd, award-winning author of Brazzaville Beach and Restless, comes a stunning literary mystery about crime and punishment: Ordinary Thunderstorms. Ordinary Thunderstorms is an extremely flawed novel.

I in particular ended up feeling sorry for Ingram as although he wasn't really to blame he was the only one sentenced to death albeit from a brain tumour rather than prison sentence. We all screamed at the beginning of the book i. Adams stupidity at not only going to the mans house but removing the knife, running away and then not going to the police.

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But I suppose you just have to swallow it as there wouldn't be a story without it. To be fair Boyd doesn't take long to get Adam to this point and there is no dwelling on the unnecessary. He is the recipient of many literary awards.

Dr Wang discovered that many children died in intensive care during the trials but the company withheld the publishing of these bad results. In doing so and to insure his safety Adam Kindred must leave behind his identity. It is perfect suspense story about identity, loosing identity for a person under dramatic circomstances where the only way to avoid detection in a modern twenty-first century city is to take no advantage of the services it offers: telephonic, financial, social, transportational, welfare-related and so on.

I think the end of the novel is a kind of rush job because after following Adam Kindred all over his descent to hell, the story vanishes rapidly into nothing.

Review: Ordinary Thunderstorms, by William Boyd

How could she accept this and feel confident with Adam Kindred? Menu Aller au contenu principal. WordPress: J'aime chargement….

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