Radiative Heat Transfer by the Monte Carlo Method

A Modified Monte Carlo Method for Phonon Radiative Transfer in Nanoscale Materials
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The use of the Monte Carlo method in radiative heat transfer is reviewed. The review covers surface-surface, enclosure, and participating media problems. An accurate simulation of radiative heat transfer in arrays of fixed discrete surfaces is challenging because of the complicated geometries that can shade and.

The purpose is not to substitude new solvers to the existing ones, but rather to add some complementary features to help analysing numerical simulations results. Star-Therm is designed to deal with the geometric complexity of metallic or SiC foams. This type of foam is used in the design of heat exchangers in concentrated solar processes to transfer the energy of the incoming sunlight radiation to a working fluid. The physical model in Star-Therm considers the incoming thermal radiation in vacuum and its coupling with conduction in an opaque solid.

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The incoming solar energy radiation is deposited at the surface of the metallic foam, which allows to determine a boundary temperature. Knowing boundary conditions and initial conditions, Star-Therm can compute the temperature at any position within the solid. Home A.

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