Real Time Microcomputer Control of Industrial Processes

Real time microcomputer control of industrial processes
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Virtual memory is the seemingly expanded capacity of the main memory of the computer, and achieved by keeping in the main memory only the immediately needed parts of programs, with the complete programs kept in secondary storage. Operating systems enable the system they manage to operate in various modes.

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These include batch processing, time sharing, and real-time processing. Batch processing Processing programs or transactions in batches, without a user ' s interaction. Time Sharing Systems providing interactive processing by allocating a short time slice for the use of the server to each user in turn. Real-time Processing Systems that respond to an event within a fixed time interval; used for example, in manufacturing plants or to collect data from several pieces of equipment in a laboratory. With the move toward multiprocessors, in which several or even many processors are configured in a single computer system, multiprocessing operating systems have been designed to allocate the work to the multiple processors.

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These systems also support multiprogramming, which allows many programs to compete for the processors. The operating systems of personal computers which are dedicated to a single user are vastly simpler than the operating systems running larger machines, to which hundreds or thousands of users may have simultaneous access. One important capability an operating system can offer in a personal computing environment is multitasking : the ability to run several tasks at once on behalf of a user.

The most popular microcomputer operating systems are:. Windows 95 - Windows 95 is an advanced operating system.

Real-time microcomputer control of industrial processes

DOS - is an older operating system which was used on microcomputers. Windows NT - multitasking network operating system. A user interface is a combination of means by which a user interacts with the computer system. It allows the end user to communicate with the operating system so they can load programs, access files, and accomplish other tasks. The three main types of user interfaces are:. The most popular graphical user interface is that provided by Windows The Windows environment has become a standard platform for computers.

A drive is to use open systems in organizational computing, so that the software and hardware of any vendor can operate with those of any other, calls for an operating system that would run on any hardware platform. The term A open system is used as the opposite of proprietary systems of a specific manufacturer. In open systems, organizations want portability, scalability, and interoperability of applications software. Portable application: can be moved from one computer system to another.

Scalable application: is one that can be moved without significant reprogramming. Interoperability: means that machines of various vendors and capabilities can work together to produce needed information.

Personal productivity software is the most common applications software. Run on personal computers, these programs assist the user in a certain range of tasks. Taken together with professional support systems and systems supporting groupwork, personal productivity software is a potent enabler of today's knowledge work. Functions of Personal Productivity Software [Figure 5. Personal productivity software enhances its user's performance on a specific range of common tasks. This software supports database management and analysis, authoring and presentation, and activity and notes tracking.

All these are software applications. Data management is supported by database management systems, while spreadsheet software assists in data analysis. For the needs of authoring and presentation, users employ the applications software for word processing, desktop publishing, presentation, and multimedia authoring. Personal information management software is used to track activities and personal notes.

Communications software enables the user to connect to a telecommunications network in order to exchange information with other users or systems. Web browsers are used to access the resources of the Internet's World Wide Web. Electronic spreadsheet packages are programs that are used for analysis, planning, and modelling. They provide electronic replacement for more traditional tools such as paper worksheets, pencils, and calculators.

In a worksheet of rows and columns are stored in the computer's memory and displayed on the video screen. Data and formulas are entered into the worksheet and the computer performs the calculations based on the formulas entered. A spreadsheet package can also be used as a decision support tool to perform what-if analysis. Database management packages facilitate the storage, maintenance, and utilization of data in a database that is shared by many users.

Microcomputer DBMs enables the users to:. Query a database with a query language.

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In addition, packages offer security features, network connectivity, and the ability to present graphical output, as well as to perform spreadsheet-type computations. Word processing packages are programs that computerize the creation, edition, and printing of documents by electronically processing text data. Word processing is an important application of office automation. Word processing is the most popular authoring and presentation activity.

In fact, it is the most common personal computing application. Organizations use desktop publishing software to produce their own printed materials like newsletters, brochures, manuals, and books with several type styles, graphics, and colors on each page.

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The components required to set up a modest desktop publishing system include: a high-resolution display, a laser printer, desktop publishing software, and perhaps a scanner. The goal of presentation graphics is to provide information in a graphical form that helps end users and mangers understand business proposals and performance and make better decisions about them. It is important to note that presentation graphics does not replace reports and displays of numbers and text material.

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Multimedia authoring software enables its users to design multimedia presentations. Using these packages, you can develop attractive computer-based training CBT courseware or customer presentations. This software has superior graphic imagery, computer animation, and motion video which may be combined with high-fidelity sound in combination with the text. Hypermedia are electronic documents that contain multiple forms of media, including text, graphics, video, voice messages, or other units of information such as worksheets.

In the hypermedia method of information delivery, linkages may be established among various items in a large multimedia document. These linkages enable the user to move from one topic directly to a related one, instead of scanning the information sequentially. Hypertext is a methodology for the construction and interactive use of text databases. By definition, hypertext contains only text and a limited amount of graphics.

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Company Overview: Hibernicor, LLC is an innovative company responsible for designing, manufacturing, assembling, packaging, processing and labeling Asporto; a heart preservation device that allows for the improved and prolonged preservation of the donor heart. The company is part of cutting-edge medical science which is at the frontier of industrial innovation and globalization of healthcare technology.

Key Position Responsibilities: The embedded system developer will design a computer system that controls a peristalic pump with real-time computing constraints.

The embedded microcomputer is part of a complete heart preservation device often including a custom designed printed circuit board and thermoelectric Peltier cooling module. The applicant must have hands-on experience in analog and digital circuit design and analysis, electronic test equipment oscilloscopes, multimeters, logic analyzers , hardware debugging, and microcomputer interfacing.

Experience with electrical schematic design and printed circuit board layout is essential, as is general knowledge of embedded processors and digital hardware circuits. The applicant should also have experience in embedded programming and real-time control systems such as PC based control, motor control or robotics.

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They will use compilers, assembles, and debuggers to develop embedded firmware. The engineer applicant must be skilled in the real-time programming required of multi-tasking or multi-threading applications and they must have excellent debugging skills in the C-programming language. The developer will perform mechanical assembly including soldering of PCB Printed Circuit Board assemblies, building and routing of cable and harness assemblies, as well as document procedures to perform necessary electro-mechanical assembly.

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