Supplement to Chess Problems

Supplement To Chess Problems
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Section winners are awarded a yearly subscription to a magazine- Entries should be sent to Director — A. Studies, no set theme. Then in , a similar rule applies. Prizes , honourable mentions , commendations and special nominations will be awarded. Closing date: December 1st Solution send to: a11z interia. Send to Yakov Rossomakho — Ordinarnaja 12, kv.

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Ian Gent's Chess Problems

P art of the "Christmas Series". White, Stroud,, h, exc, p, part of the Christmas series.

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Includes the "A Note of Thanks" from White. NOTE: The Overbrook Press books are collected by people interested in small editions of especially well-made books—thus the relatively high prices. Stamford, , h, exc, one of copies,p.

Ian Gent's Chess Problems

Boxed two-volume set. I, p. II, p.

The HARDEST CHESS PUZZLE Only One GM Could Solve But How Would You Do?

A wonderful summary of early American composition with special note of the wonderful compositions of Sam Loyd and W. Shinkman, both geniuses in chess problems along with a survey of the contributions of Orestes Brownson and his iconoclastic and scarce chess magazine. Stamford, Limited edtion of copies, h, exc, fine paper. Several hundred problems in different classifications. Reinfeld, Philadelphia, , h, exc, with dj. A fine copy. The mates are in game positions. Umnov, Moscow, , p, p, vg, Russian. Largely chess problems, but with considerable material on endgame studies as well.

Ringier, Aarau, , p, problems incl.

The Problemist Supplement, November 1994

Kd7, is never uniquely forced. So which move of the knight is the key? All Rights Reserved. No , he just showed that using drugs will lead to a downfall. Even if that risk is a heart attack, or getting banned from competition. Deep Blue.

Ranneforth, Leipzig, A seminal work on chess problems by two leading experts. White, h, exc, with protective plastic jacket, Overbrook Press, Stamford, , p. One of copies. Unfortunately for chess book collectors, these exquisite books are collected by those who collect small press books and therefore the market is much broader than for chess problem enthusiasts alone.

Autgraphed by James F. Lange, Leipzig, , p, good, loose, p, An early work on chess problem composition. Needs rebinding.

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Supplement To Chess Problems: Containing In Part I, All The Incorrect Positions In Chess Problems (Japanese Edition) [James Pierce, W. T. Pierce] on. Supplement to Chess problems, containing in part I, all the incorrect positions in Chess problems, rev. by J. & W.T. Pierce; and in part II, additional problems.

In German, English, and Russian. Plus EG studies. Gittins, London, , h, vg, slight waterstaining at top corner of last ten pages. In addition to many chess problems this book is nice because it gives biographies of many British problemists along with their photos. An amazing one is the year old girl Lilian Baird and also her mother, both problemists of distinction.

Some others such as Sam Tinsley and Leopold Hoffer were outstanding chess columnists. Dittmann, Geschichte einer Problemschach-Vereinigung, Berlin, , p, mint, p, addresses of members, photos, history. Paros, Budapest, , scarce, p, exc, 72p, Hungarian. Baumgartner, Switzerland, circa , p, exc, small edition.

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Harley, Philadelphia, , h, exc, with bookplate of a previous owner plus the name stamp of a previous owner, p. A good discussion of the two-move chess problem and some of its many themes. VI 5, Feb. John Gardner Memorial issue, an outstanding Canadian contributor to the magazine, with his photo on the front page. Issues of this magazine often had interesting articles on other aspects of chess in addition to the strong chess problem content. With a nice photo of Pillsbury and J. A massive compilation of material from this famous problemist's archives. Over problems of various types.

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The limited text is in Hungaran and English. Many fine examples. Two EG studies are by Keres. Moore, Jefferson, , h, exc, p. Bakcsi, Budapest, , p, exc, p, a fine collection of all sorts of chess problems and a section on EG studies as well. For some reason, besides the number printed being low, this book always appears less than the others in the series. Umnov, Moscow, , p. Stroud, No restriction on piece numbers or on other ideas, but orthodox 2s. This date has been extended from the date mentioned in the March Problemist.

The award will be announced as soon as possible thereafter. Gift 3: John Rice has kindly agreed to judge the competition. Hint: John believes one defect, in one of the above settings, is extremely serious.

Supplement To Chess Problems

Michael doesn't like it either, but regards the content as far outweighing the defect. Of course, you don't know which defect or setting is referred to — and anyway Michael is not the judge. Subscribers should please note that the reciprocal arrangement between The Problemist and StrateGems has now been terminated, with immediate effect. Likewise, US subscribers to The Problemist should pay by one of the means detailed here. Payments made before end-Jan will be passed on, but no further amounts will be accepted.

It exists to promote the knowledge and enjoyment of chess compositions, and membership is open to chess enthusiasts in all countries. The Society produces two bi-monthly magazines, The Problemist and The Problemist Supplement the latter catering for beginners , which are issued to all members. The Society holds an annual residential weekend, with a full programme of solving and composing tourneys and lectures. Members are entitled to use the resources of the BCPS library. For those who prefer to dip their toes into the water before plunging into it, here is a description of all the content on the site and how to navigate around the site to find it all.

This is a large site and there is lots of content. Please feel free to explore at your will.

The Problemist, July 1994

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