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A deaf accountant works for the mafia. One day, the king pin mafioso is checking out the books and notices there's a million dollars missing. He calls a meeting with the deaf accountant and a sign language translator. Translator says, "There's a million dolla I rest my case. A clown with a briefcase walks into a bar The barman calls security and says "sorry, no funny business". A mohel guy who does circumcisions is retiring after a long 50 year career For shits and giggles, every time he did a circumcision he saved the foreskin and put in a giant jar he kept in the back of his office.

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Hawk: This guy who — the owner of this bag ——. Callimachi: Why are they tying his wrists? Abusive comment hidden. Using those clues, we were able, through our colleagues in the Baghdad bureau, to track down his family in a suburb of Samarra. Callimachi: This thing.

After 50 years he has a full jar of foreskins, and he figures he can use them Just heard this variation on an oldie! A hat maker was trying to sell his hats on a hot summers day. After having no luck for 4 hours under the sun, he decided to take a short rest underneath a gigantic tree. He set his briefcase of hats down, took one out to cover his face, and laid down on the grass. With the shade from his hat and the A rich man died and went to Heaven.

He stood at the pearly gates, waiting his turn to talk to St. He noticed a sign that said you can bring one briefcase full of anything you want from Earth. He noticed a stack of empty briefcases to the side and picked one up. When the rich man got to Peter, the saint acknowledged him a Two men start talking at a high school reunion. How did you Then the man reaches in and pulls out a tiny man, about a foot tall.

The tiny m The Judge While walking through a courthouse, a kid enters an empty courtroom. He sees a fine leather briefcase the kind the lawyers carry sitting on a bench.

Seriously, what was in the briefcase in 'Pulp Fiction'?

The judge says, "Hey kid, go across the street A very rich American gentleman A very rich American gentleman was walking along minding his own business, briefcase in hand. He wore glasses, a suit, and a well-trimmed beard. Suddenly, a shorter, poorly dressed man appeared in his path. He desperately needed a shave and his eyes seemed to bug out. May I ple The Three-Legged Pig An insurance salesman decides to make one last cold call on his country route and winds up way in the back country at the end of a dirt road.

He drives up to the farm, gets out of the car with his briefcase, and walks up to the door.

On his way, he glances at the fenced in area attached to the bar A mortician was working late one night. He was examining the body of a Mr. Dave goes to the casino I went to a casino today and came home with a briefcase. As I walked through the door, I looked at my wife and said, "I fucking won! How much?! What do you call a man in a tree with a briefcase?

A branch manager. A truck driver was heading down the highway when he saw a priest at the side of the road. Feeling it was his duty, he stopped to give the priest a ride. A short time later, he saw a lawyer with a briefcase on the side of the road and aimed his truck at him. At the last second, he thought of the priest with him and realized he couldn't run over the lawyer, so he swerved.

But he heard a thump anyway. Looking back as he drove on, he did A KKK member finds a magic lamp on the beach He rubs it and a Black genie pops out. The genie looks at the man and says "damn, this is pretty fucked up. I'll tell you what. I'll give you three wishes, but I'm also going to grant your wish to every black person in the world and double it. A salesman enters the porch and knocks on the farmhouse door Little Timmy answers the door by sliding it slowly open, inspecting the salesman standing tall with his briefcase. The man asked little Timmy. Timmy swiftly replies before cleaning his running nose with his sleeve.

A man walks into a bar A man walks into a bar and he is completely parched. He sits at the bar, pats his pockets and realises he's left his wallet at home.

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He calls to the bartender, "Hey pal, I've left my wallet at home but hey Special agent Walter is on a top secret mission. He's supposed to meet a woman and tell her a code word before hands him a briefcase with classified documents. The meeting is arranged in a public place and he's given a photo of the woman.

He heads to the rendezvous point and awaits her. A few minutes later she arrives. He readies himself fo A man walks into a bar and orders a beer After a few minutes, he says to the bartender, " Hey, if I show you the most amazing thing you've ever seen, will you give me another beer on the house? A guy walks into a bar carrying a briefcase. He pulls up a stool at the bar and orders a drink. He opens his briefcase and a tiny little man about a foot tall climbs out, hauls out a tiny little piano behind him, sits down on a little stool and commences playing a flawless Chopin etude.

All this time the guy down the bar is staring in amazem Indian police. Imma sell this for thousands of dollars" As he made his way through the crowd, he heard someone screaming, h A rabbi is retiring A rabbi is retiring after a long career and he has saved all of the foreskins he has collected from doing years of circumcisions.

Not wanting to throw them out, he brings them to a tailor and says, "can you make something for me out of all of these skins? Once Stalin had notice he had lost his briefcase.

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You must find it at once! Later that night, as Stalin returned home, he noticed his briefcase lying on his office desk. Got this as a gift for my husband. I have purchased two of these for college graduation gifts.

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Both recipients were grateful to begin branding themselves with this great looking briefcase. The description says it all.

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The quality is amazing. I only wish Liner provided blind embossing as it took one extra step to make them personally amazing. Excellent briefcase. The perfect amount of space and the high quality works great for my daily commute.

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Our Soft Briefcases, we use a special—and difficult—construction method that gives the bag a sleek, refined silhouette. Only a few manufacturers are able to make bags like this. We select the best materials for our products. This briefcase is made with a smooth Italian leather specially treated for more weather resistance , and sports a YKK Excella zipper from YKK's luxury line. Crafted in the same factory as luxury brands, but sold at a fraction of the price of traditional luxury bags.

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