Toward a Binding Climate Change Adaptation Regime: A Proposed Framework

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Jorgenson, Andrew K. Kasperson, Roger E. Climate change, vulnerability, and social justice. Stockholm: Stockholm Environment Institute.


While the physical sciences employ descriptive paradigms with quantitative tools, social science research is often conducted within an interpretive paradigm, which focuses on the meaning people ascribe to various aspects of their lives based on cultural values Rayner and Malone, Natural Resources Canada sets federal energy policy and administers many clean energy supply and energy demand reduction programs, as well as delivering programs and providing expertise on energy efficiency, and clean energy technology and innovation. Singer argues that national boundaries, in their traditional conceptualisations, are rendered obsolete by global environmental problems such as climate change. On marine sector emissions, Canada has been working with other countries through the International Maritime Organization to advance global measures that address emissions from international shipping. Lanham, MD: Rowman Altamira. One of the first tasks set by the UNFCCC was for signatory nations to establish national greenhouse gas inventories of greenhouse gas GHG emissions and removals, which were used to create the benchmark levels for accession of Annex I countries to the Kyoto Protocol and for the commitment of those countries to GHG reductions. Boykoff ed.

Katz, Ian. Khan, Mizan. London: Routledge. Klein, Naomi. Anders Sandberg and Tor Sandberg. Krasner, Stephen D. Mathiesen, Karl and Fiona Harvey. Mauldin, William. Najam, Adil.

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Timmons, and Bradley C. Rothstein, R. Schiavenza, Matt. Schroeder, Heike. Shandra, John M.

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McKinney, and Bruce London. Shiva, Vandana. Singer, HW. Sinha, Amitabh. Smith, Christopher. Terlouw, C. Terry, Geraldine. Tutu, Desmond. United Nations Environment Programme. United Nations. ABSTRACT Developing an approach to governing adaptation to climate change is severely hampered by the dictatorship of the present when the needs of future generations are inadequately represented in current policy making.

We posit this problem as a function of the attributes of adaptation policy making, including deep uncertainty and nonstationarity, where past observations are not reliable predictors of future outcomes. Our research links organizational decision-making attributes with adaptation decision making and identifies cases in which adaptation actions cause spillovers, free riding, and distributional impacts.

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We develop a governing framework for adaptation that we believe will enable policy, planning, and major long-term development decisions to be made appropriately at all levels of government in the face of the deep uncertainty and nonstationarity caused by climate change. Our framework requires that approval of projects with an expected life span of 30 years or more in the built environment include minimum building standards that integrate forecasted climate change impacts from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change IPCC intermediate scenario.

The intermediate IPCC scenario must be downscaled to include local or regional temperature, water availability, sea level rise, susceptibility to forest fires, and human habitation impacts to minimize climate-change risks to the built environment.

A Governing Framework for Climate Change Adaptation in the Built Environment

The minimum standard is systematically updated every six years to facilitate learning by formal and informal organizations. Lead India. Archived from the original on 27 March Retrieved 5 December Archived from the original on 10 December Retrieved 7 December Climate Policy Observer. Archived from the original on 11 February Retrieved 23 January Metz; et al. Chapter Decision-making Frameworks.

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Retrieved 23 August Retrieved 28 August Action for climate empowerment: Guidelines for accelerating solutions through education, training and public PDF. Retrieved 29 November The Dartmouth. Archived from the original on 24 March Retrieved 2 January CBC News. US Dept of State. The Independent. The New Zealand Herald. The Commentator. Scope of the Assessment: 1.

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Part two: Action taken by the Conference of the Parties at its eighteenth session. Figueres, C. K; Reisinger, A. Part A: Global and Sectoral Aspects. Archived King, D. From climate objective to emission reduction measures. Archived archived 21 August United Nations climate change conferences. Global warming and climate change.

Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation

Brightness temperature Effective temperature Geologic record Hiatus Historical climatology Instrumental record Paleoclimatology Paleotempestology Proxy data Record of the past 1, years Satellite measurements. Attribution of recent climate change Aviation Biofuel Black carbon Carbon dioxide Deforestation Earth's energy budget Ecocide Fossil fuel Global dimming Global warming potential Greenhouse effect Infrared window Greenhouse gases Land use, land-use change, and forestry Radiative forcing Tropospheric ozone.