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When Sverin declares open war on the wolves, Shard seeks Stigr out for help. Stigr leads Shard to the wolf king Helaku , where he unintentionally reveals who Shard is. He later appears during the battle when he fights Caj, who he manages to fight off this time. After the battle, it is revealed that Stigr and Sigrun once courted, but Stigr lost to Caj and so fled. Stigr offers Shard to come stay with him and learn the Vanir practices. Shard accepts, and the two fly off into the night. Shard wants to leave to find out why the Aesir fled from their homeland , but Stigr advises Shard to stay in the Silver Isles, as Dagr and Maja would return.

When Shard suddenly leaves Stigr follows him to the Winderost. At first he couldn't find Shard and found a group of huntresses who "impriisoned" him. They took him to their outpost to see where he came from, and he met Shard after his nephew also met the same gryfesses. Stigr stays with Shard in the Winderost to keep an eye on him and help him follow his vision. During battle, while Stigr is boasting about killing one of the wyrms, a spade comes down and slashes his wing and he spirals down to the ground in a pool of blood.

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Warrior book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. First an outcast, now a onlausenpo.ml her fight rages onlausenpo.ml, the yellow-e. Prophecy (The Dragon King Chronicles, #1), Warrior (The Dragon King Chronicles, #2), and King (The Dragon King Chronicles, #3).

Later, Stigr meets up with Shard on the shore of the Ostral Shores. Stigr tells Shard that he will be staying in the Winderost as he cannot fly home with a severed wing. I loved Prophecy, but wow, Warrior blew it out of the water! With Kira's circumstances shifted due to the end of Prophecy, her life has changed, but with this changed life comes more responsibilities and more betrayal.

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Chaos rules over Hansong, an This review is entirely spoiler free, even if you haven't read book one, Prophecy. Chaos rules over Hansong, and Kira has to mature even more in this sequel.

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I didn't even think it was possible for Kira to become more kick-butt and awesome than she was before, but Oh definitely pushed Kira to her boundaries, and I really appreciated that! You know the dreaded Sequel Syndrome when a sequel doesn't live up to expectations made because the first book was so epic?

Book Review: Prophecy by Ellen Oh (The Dragon King Chronicles #1)

It passed completely over this series' head. Warrior is easily one of my favorite sequels of all time! Ellen Oh is a master of action scenes. Seriously, every page will have you in its clutches until the very end - I didn't ever want to put this book down. Right from page one, action flies off the page, and believe me when I say that the action never stopped and we can't stop, and we won't stop.

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Treason lurks everywhere Kira looks, and she's got a team of people standing by her side, willing to face whatever comes with her. I love a story with a great protagonist, but a great story includes incredible side characters as well - the Dragon King Chronicles has the best of both worlds with its characters. Each character is important and plays a vital role to the story. I am truly astonished by this series! Fantasy lovers, this series is a must read. Packed with the right amount of action and a heroine that will blow you away, Warrior has it all.

Incredible in every sense of the word! I was so nervous to see how this book would end. The stakes are kicked up to a notch I couldn't even fathom, but it makes for one epic story. From start to finish, Warrior will consume your mind - even long after you've turned the final page. That ending was brilliant.

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I didn't see that coming, but once I got to the end, my mouth had seriously fallen open. I adored everything about Warrior. I need the third book like crazy! SO excited to see how it all concludes! Overall, Warrior shouldn't be missed. Warrior is a sequel that will be the only thing on your mind.

Dec 26, Annette rated it liked it. But when I had the chance to get an advanced review copy of Warrior, I just couldn't pass it up. Maybe I should have. My problems with Warrior mostly has to do with my taste in books. There's a lot of fantasy in these book. To me, it's over the top. I like my fantasy more realistic, I guess.

Like Harry Potter.

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I really was frightened for those characters. I felt the tension and believed their terror.

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Even though they used magic, it didn't seem to come easily. In each of these books our main character, Kira, must go on a quest to find a magical object to save the world.

She's trying to fulfill the Dragon King's prophecy. She's also in charge of protecting the young prince who is destined to be the next king. The objects are supposed to be impossible to reach, of course. With every challenge she faces, there are always fantastical magical things that make it possible for Kira and her group to escape. I never had the slightest doubt that her quest would be successful. It was just a question of what magical creature or object would appear to rescue her or tell her what to do to achieve her goal.

The demons attack several times, and even when Kira is convinced she is about to meet her demise, I never believed it.

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So just call in the magic. There's nothing wrong with the writing. The pacing keeps moving and I never felt like it was moving too slow. The main characters are distinct, and you do want them to succeed. The ending did not surprise me. It was pretty much as predicted. I didn't hate this book. I knew going in that it was a long shot, just because of the genre, so this is a case of "it's not you, it's me.

If you haven't started the series, you should start with Prophecy first, and you should really enjoy books about otherworldly creatures and magical happenings.

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Because this series is all about the fantasy elements. Continuing from the first book, this book picks up right where the last one ends. Plot: So this plot moves on with Kira leading the fight and moving on. Many trials come against Kira, leaving her to become even stronger.

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