Yam in West Africa : food, money, and more

Agriculture in Nigeria
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Wheat grows well in temperate climates, even those with a short growing season.

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The majority of breads are made with wheat flour. Wheat flour is also used in pasta, pastries, crackers, breakfast cereals, and noodles. Starting in the 19th century, wheat joined corn as a popular ingredient for making tortillas. Wheat can be crushed into bulgur , which has a high nutritional value and is often used in soups and pastries in the Middle East.

Roots and Tubers In addition to cereal grains, roots and tubers are common food staples, particularly in tropical regions. Yams are an important food in the rain forest s of West Africa. They are most commonly peeled, boiled, and pounded into a pulp to make a dough called fufu. Cassava, also known as manioc , is a food staple for more than million people.

This tuber originated in the Amazon rain forest of South America, and was introduced into West Africa in the 16th century. Now, cassava is important to the diets of many people in Latin America and Africa. The Hawaiian national dish, poi , is a thick paste made from taro that has been boiled, mashed, and fermented.

Potatoes are native to the cold climate of the Andes Mountains. They were the food staple of the Inca Empire in the 15th and 16th centuries. Introduced to Europe by explorers of the 16th century, potatoes are now a food staple in Europe and parts of the Americas.

The Maasai of Kenya and Tanzania have traditionally relied on food provided by cattle for the majority of their diet. Milk, meat, and blood are traditional ingredients in Maasai diets. Today, grain has become a staple food of the Maasai, but they still drink large quantities of milk—about 1 liter per person per day.

Cultures indigenous to polar climates, where fresh fruits and vegetables are scarce, rely on meat and fish as food staples. Often, seafood provides the majority of their energy and nutrient needs. For example, Eskimo tribes of Alaska and northern Canada have traditionally eaten seal, walrus, and whale meat in addition to many kinds of fish. In tropical climates, people often rely on starch y fruits such as plantains and breadfruit. In parts of Africa and Asia, especially India, legume s such as beans, lentils, and chickpeas are staple foods.

Beer Staple Wheat, a food staple around the world, can be germinated and dried to create malt. Malt is a key ingredient in beer, one of the first beverages created by people. Ancient beer was not carbonated and was probably as thick as a light syrup. It had a very low alcohol content, but was high in starch and was made from specially prepared loaves of bread.

In ancient Egypt, workers on the pyramids were often paid in beer. Other starchy, high-calorie foods such as bread and crackers were food staples. Thirsty workers were simply "drinking their bread. Tortilla Crisis Corn is more than just a food crop. In recent years, corn has been used to make ethanol, a fuel that emits less pollution than gasoline. Unfortunately, the rising demand for ethanol has increased the cost of corn.

In , rising corn prices caused a "tortilla crisis" in Mexico, where corn-based tortillas are a major food staple. Goddess of Grain The Roman goddess, Ceres, was considered the protector of grain.

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The term "cereal" comes from her name. Also called maize. West African food staple made by boiling and pounding starchy root vegetables into a thick paste. The audio, illustrations, photos, and videos are credited beneath the media asset, except for promotional images, which generally link to another page that contains the media credit.

Yam production in Nigeria

The Rights Holder for media is the person or group credited. Caryl-Sue, National Geographic Society. Dunn, Margery G. A country that could barely feed its citizens not too long ago is now aspiring to self-sufficiency in food production.

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Take Marie Kargbo, for instance, who cultivates rice on a six-hectare farm in Kambia district in northwestern Sierra Leone. The government reckons it can make agriculture even more worthwhile for farmers like Ms. This will translate to more farm implements, tractors, fertilizers and other materials that can help rural farmers. Already the government has phased the previous agenda into another dubbed the Agenda for Prosperity, to be implemented between and The new Agenda is expected to lay a foundation that will make the country middle-income within 22 years.

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President Koroma envisions commercial agriculture, value addition and agro-processing. A combination of factors could bring the dream of self-sufficiency in food production within reach. For example, rainfall, while erratic, has generally been sufficient. Even the lowlands, with higher fertility, can have high crop yields.

The president himself talked about land tenure reforms and the application of science and technology in agriculture. The effects of climate change are being felt in Africa; countries, organisations and individuals, including young people, are taking actions to tackle these effects.

In this edition, we highlight some outstanding climate action initiatives by young Africans. Skip to main content. Welcome to the United Nations. Toggle navigation Language:. Africa Renewal.

Sierra Leone: nursing agriculture back to health. Get our app. Kingsley Ighobor. From Africa Renewal:.

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Forgot password? The formal mandate of the institute is to conduct research into the production and products of oil palm and other palms of economic importance and transfer its research findings to farmers. Nweke books Download Science and Math pdf ebooks. E-mail address: asbamire yahoo. Rice Rice is a food staple for more than 1.

Special Edition on Agriculture Thursday, September 26, Forgot your password? Get help. Home Health. Vaccine network urges Traditional leaders to support gender balance in Leadership. Ebola simulation drills in Tanzania trade worry for calm at border….

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Yam in West Africa examines a crop that has been sidelined and ignored for too long while being central to the existence of so many and consumed worldwide. Yam in West Africaexamines a crop that has been sidelined and ignored for too long while being central to the existence of so many and consumed worldwide.

Nigeria rushes into current flash flooding to mitigate health hazards-WHO. Yellow fever epidemic in Ebonyi undetected for months. World Energy Outlook examines future patterns. Policy and falling battery costs drive another record year for electric…. Nigeria in agreement to address extreme weather impact.

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